LED Grow Lights


LED Grow Lights

Welcome to my site. I know many people offer their own thoughts about choosing and using LED grow lights but I believe I can offer additional information you can use to make your growing efforts more effective. I am familiar with what it takes to use LED lights to grow marijuana indoors and I will just leave it at that. 

This is not going to be a philosophical debate about marijuana use but this information will be helpful if you want to know how to raise medical marijuana. LED grow lights are useful for many purposes but I will be focusing on the benefits of installing them for an indoor garden. 

LED technology has been around for years but it has gone through many changes over the years. Some growers still prefer HID lights for a hydroponic garden but using LEDs provides many advantages to the grower. 

Advantages of Installing LED Fixtures 

If you are new to growing marijuana or are familiar with HID fixtures, I will discuss some compelling reasons to switch to LED lights for any hydroponic growing needs. 

They use less energy. I will not go into the specifics of the science behind the technology but LED lamps are more energy efficient than any other type of fixture used as an indoor light source. 

They take up less room than other lighting options. An HID operation requires far more equipment and takes up a lot more space than a comparable LED setup for the same size garden. Even beginners can install this type of system and start growing with no delay. 

They last a long time. If you would rather spend your money on something other than replacement bulbs, LEDs are the way to go. They are less expensive to operate and do not need additional equipment for maintenance. They last much longer than other kinds of lamps and you will not have to replace them as often as HIDs, incandescent bulbs or fluorescents. 

They provide an additional level of efficiency. LED grow lights are efficient beyond what consumers normally think of as efficient. This is not exactly scientific but you can believe me when I say, they are efficient in ways beyond just using less energy to operate. 

Reasons to Buy Your Indoor Lighting System from an Online Retailer 

Here are just a few advantages to purchasing grow lights on the Internet. 

All transactions are confidential. Purchasing lights from an online source eliminates the need to buy them in a local light shop or home improvement store. The seller will ask you to provide a credit card number to complete the transaction but a reputable retailer will protect your information and there is no need to worry about identity theft. 

Your transaction is secure. In addition to protecting your privacy, online retailers make sure their sites are secure for the protection of their customers. Many individuals, me included, feel perfectly safe purchasing lighting supplies from online retailers.

Online retailers offer a wide variety of products. When shopping online for grow lights, you will find many setup options in numerous configurations to suit any need. You can choose from many different brands, sizes and styles of LED light panels that you might not have access to in a local light outlet. 

Nothing is more convenient than shopping online. This one should be obvious. You can sit at home and browse through all the various options whenever you feel like spending the time. You can pour yourself a beverage and not worry about filling up the car with gas and driving all around town to look at the limited options available. 

I can probably think of a billion more reasons to choose LED grow lights over other options. A billion may be a bit of an exaggeration but I think you get my drift. Just read back through the advantages I listed here and I am sure you will agree that purchasing LED lighting is the best thing you can do for your indoor garden. 

Some Facts About LED Light Panels 

When selecting LED lights for growing indoors, consider the following parameters as you review the options. 

Light Panel Size – Light panels are available in a variety of standard sizes from 6”x6” to 4’x4’. If you are replacing an HID system, plan to purchase an LED array that is slightly larger than the one you use now. If you have been thinking about expanding your garden, LED lights will increase crop yield compared to other lighting choices. 

Light Intensity – Regardless of panel size, consistency of the level of light intensity across the entire panel is crucial to growing success. Any reputable seller can confirm their panels provide consistent light intensity and you should probably avoid any seller who cannot or will not provide that information. 

Color Spectrum – Plants thrive under specific light spectrums. LED lights deliver specific wavelengths of light and it helps if you educate yourself about what light spectrum works best when growing marijuana plants. 

Those are three most important things to consider but there are many other options and features to explore and review. Now we will discuss some major LED manufacturers and provide some brief reviews to help you decide what is right for you. 

357 Magnum – You may not be familiar with this manufacturer but you should find out more if you decide to purchase LED lights for a hydroponic garden. These units are worth the investment because they deliver high quality light and are inexpensive to operate when compared to other types of fixtures. 

The Illuminator 350W – This Pro-Series Hybrid by Prosource is functional but there is nothing special about its performance to set it apart. I may be jaded because I have used Prosource before and there is nothing new here despite the fact they do make quality products. 

Hydro Grow – This is a light brand especially popular with indoor growers and consumers can choose from a variety of adequate setups for any size indoor space. Their prices can be on the expensive side so be careful when making your decision that you do not exceed your lighting budget. 

This should be enough to convince you to gather more information about the options available and invest in an LED grow light system for installation in your home. I would love to list my personal phone number in this post and chat with you about the items discussed here but I would become overwhelmed by spammers in a heartbeat. Do not bother asking how I know that. Seriously, I know what I am talking about and if you plan on growing marijuana indoors, you just cannot go wrong if you invest in a quality LED grow light system for your operation.